Jump Start your Healthy Eating and Living Program with Petra 

Are you ready to have more energy, shed some pounds and  feel good?

Spring is a great time for creating new healthy habits and welcoming new opportunities. This is the time when we feel like doing spring cleaning in our homes and in us (lightening up and letting go of things that no longer serve us) by creating new habits like eating nutritious food and self care. 

This 3 week program includes:
- Weekly 60 minute in person nutrition session designed specifically to your body's needs. 
- Weekly 60 minute therapeutic massage or private yoga class or a walk in nature (your choice). 
- Email support between sessions.
- Delicious recipes.

When? When you are ready to commit to some extra self-care, I am here to support you on your journey. 

Fee: $360

Contact Petra today to get started: Call - 540 905 2252 or email  info@petramercier.com

Healthy Weight Plan

Discover a safe way to drop some pounds and feel satisfied. 

Explore weight loss problems in America and learn why diets don't work. Low fat, high fat, good for you, bad for you. There is too much information out there about what is going to help us to lose weight and have more energy. Learn the information you need to know on how to safely loose few pounds and feel great in your body. 

This workshop includes: tips how to drop few pounds in just one week, delicious recipes and an organic dinner. Come hungry. 

Contact Petra to schedule this class.

Workshop -  DIY  Hand Massage and Natural Body Care  

Would you like to spend a fun afternoon leaning how to give a great hand massage and how to make your own bath salts and body scrubs?  

One of the most reliable ways to connect and relieve stress without words is through massage. Massage increases levels of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone in the brain, that is produced when we snuggle up to a loved one or experience social bonding.

In this class, I will teach you basic Swedish massage strokes for a wonderful hand massage. You’ll walk away knowing how to give a proper 15-minute hand massage to your family and friends.

This workshop includes: 
•Skills on how to give a relaxing hand massage 
•Demonstration on how to make your own organic body care products - bath salts and massage oils  (samples and recipes included)

Contact Petra to schedule this class.